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Brevy – Flexible Landing Page Template For KirbyCMS

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Brevy – Flexible Landing Page Template For KirbyCMS

Vladimir Yordanov
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Brevy is flexible and highly customizable one-page template for KirbyCMS.

Brevy is: 

  • ⚙️ Easily customisable⚙
  • 🌐 Designed as a Single Page Website
  • 😌 User friendly, no code needed
  • 📱 With Responsive Layout
  • 👌The template to use for your landing page

Check the live demo here

You can find more about me and my contact info here. 🖐️ 

Enjoy using KirbyCMS and the Brevy theme!


When buying Brevy, you have 2 options. 

  • The default one, including all the files which are needed to install the theme
  • A package with installation included

❗ If you pick the package with the included installation, I will set up your theme on your server in 24 hours after credentials for the server are provided. The set up means that your server will run the basic files you get when downloading it without any customizations 


❗ If you download a new version of the theme and you've edited your content don't replace the content folder that comes in the archive. ❗

06 October 2018 - Brevy 1.0.1:

  • 🐛 Fixed bug: When disabling a section, it was still being listed in the menu. This is now fixed and working as expected.
  • 🆕 Added feature: You can now disable/enable the social links and newsletter sections in the footer.

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